Sunday 3 January 2016

Happy New Year

Happy New Year Guys! Welcome to 2016 and wow has it been a long time since I last posted. I thought I'd do the typical thing of telling you my aims for 2016.

 I think we can agree I am rubbish as a blogger. I don't really upload at all never mind consistently. Now whilst I doubt very much that I'll suddenly start uploading a blog on a weekly basis, I would seriously like to invest more time into writing posts as I find them nice to look back on. I also find writing blog posts extremely therapeutic, so whilst I have absolutely no idea what I'm doing, and even if no one reads my posts at least I'll have enjoyed writing them.

2. Find My Path 
A slightly strange aim you might ask? Well in the last year I had my world turned up side down. I was quite ill and diagnosed at the start of A2 exams. I have also packed up my things and moved to uni, only to question my choice in course. I've become more independent, made some amazing friends and missed previous friendships. And after all that I'm really not sure where I am in my life and where I want to go next. I'm hoping to write another blog post to explore this further but for now will just summarise this aim as being to accept every opportunity I have and hopefully discover what I want in the process.

3. Continue with YouTube
My youtube has grown more than I thought possible in 2015. I've had a surge in subscribers and spent more time dedicated to filming and uploading. I'd like this to continue in 2016 and want to keep motivated and inspired to create even better content.

4. Spend More Time With Friends
University has taught me the importance of friendship. I love my flat mates and have made friends for life since being at uni. I have also realised I don't spend enough time going out and enjoying spending time with the amazing friends I have. I want to make sure I make time for my friends old and new and keep in contact much more.

5. Take More Pictures 
I often pick up a camera and press record but I find myself less and less often taking actual pictures. I want to pursue my hobby of photography as I used to be so inspired by it and loved capturing special moments through the lens. 

That's it, pretty short and sweet but I think thats what makes them so achievable.
Georgia x 

Wednesday 10 December 2014

Girl Online by Zoe Sugg/ Zoella | Book Review

Ok so I thought I'd do a different kind of blog today, I really want to start to personalise my blog by incorporating more of my interests. One of which is reading. Normally I don't get much time to read but lately I've been making an extra effort to put down my laptop or phone, step away from the internet and delve into a book.

Today I just just finished read Girl Online by Zoe Sugg and wanted to share my thoughts on it, like a mini review. Initially I wanted to try the book out of intrigue due the its popularity. I bought the kindle version and started reading it about a week ago.

I will say now that whilst contemporary romance is not usually a genre I enjoy or choose to read I began reading with an open mind and really wanted to enjoy the book. Which to my surprise I did! The beginning I felt was a bit slow and found the formality of the text a little juvenile but this is to be expected as it is obviously intended for a younger audience than myself. I did put the book down for a couple of days and could quite happily have not returned to it as initially I wasn't particularly enthralled. However I'm glad I did continue reading as I do think the pace of storyline quickens and becomes more interesting after the first few chapters.

I thought the book was really well written it is an interesting, if a bit predictable storyline with a few plot twists along the way. I feel it is a  very relatable book for many young teenagers and approaches many diverse topics such as panic attacks, bullying and homosexuality. The book obviously has parallels to Zoe's own life whilst remains entirely fictional and this gives it a personal depth.

If you enjoy contemporary romance this is definitely a book you'd enjoy, if not I'd still recommend it as a feel good read. It's a light and easy to read book which I enjoyed.
I'd rate the book 4/5 overall.

Hope you enjoyed this review, I'm hoping to do some more soon
Georgia x 

Wednesday 26 November 2014

Where have I been ?

Once again despite all the best intentions I have managed to neglect my blog...oops!
It has been a grand 4 months since I sat down and wrote a post so I guess I've got some explaining to do.

Anyway the main reason I have been MIA is I'v just been so busy, I  found myself having to balance A2 levels ,  looking after my menagerie of animals who keep deciding to be ill, YouTube, work experience, job hunting and then have time to fit in driving lessons. Yep pretty stressful to say the least. I did however finally passed my driving test 6 weeks ago which is pretty brilliant as I'm much more independent, but more about that later.

So faced with a humongous to do list I'am now finally getting control back of my life. Oh I have also applied for university eek, I'm applying for 3 courses my main one Veterinary Medicine then two different back ups, Bio-veterinary science and animal biology. This has meant I have been trekking around the country each weekend attending university opening days and dragging my more than underwhelmed father around with me :). Luckily I have received 3 offers so far so my parents are pretty happy as this means they are definitely getting rid of me next September!

On the other hand offers means having to get the grades and in order to do this I need to STUDY. Whilst I'm loving my A2 levels (seen as I finally got rid of physics), they are pretty hard and I'm planning on resitting two AS level modules in the hopes of boosting my grades. So well done Georgia for just piling yet more work and pressure on to the already collapsing pile! Oh well, I'm getting there my English coursework is now out of the way and I'm currently revising for my first mock exams at the end of December.

As you can image I am still running round like a headless chicken taking care of all of my pets. James our eldest horse has decided to be ill by chipping a tooth, giving us a cancer scare and having a giant cyst on his side. Luckily we managed it well and he's just as happy as ever again. One of the chickens started limping so off we went to the vets to discover she had bumble foot, which she probably got from jumping off the shelter roof, naughty KFC. Oh and the receptionist got slightly offended by our comical naming of our chickens (KFC, Korma, Ticka and Madras), she's  a lovely lady but slightly sensitive at times we discovered. Finally Milo our dog has got an ear infection which again led us to the vets to face a slightly less disgruntled receptionist!

My YouTube account has also taken a good chunk of my time as I really want to improve my channel now it's growing so much. I've worked really hard to improve my camera quality and now I want to upload as much as possible so I'm working on some really exciting things (but sshhsh its a secret).

I've also been pretty busy popping here, there and everywhere trying to scrape together as much work experience as possible, again the whole wanting to go to university thing. So I'm currently volunteering at the RSPCA which is amazing to get to help such a brilliant charity and cuddle cute animals in the mean time. Well its more cleaning up and walking but that's great fun too.

However volunteer work doesn't pay very well, well not at all at it happens! So this leads to my next point (see the nice transition there). I need a job, mainly because my car is a money eating, bank balance demolishing, constant fuel consuming machine that also likes me to pay ridiculous amounts in insurance! I've got to add here my parents have been brilliant in helping me with this and with out them I would have no car so a massive thanks to them. However as my car enables me to be more independent I want/need a job. So far I have applied for more jobs than I would like to count and have received two interviews. I've got my second interview for a job on Thursday so fingers crossed all goes well!

My final point (you'll be relieved to hear), is that I passed my test which I think it pretty awesome and 6 weeks on I'm still chuffed with myself. I hated driving lessons, they dragged soo much and I didn't really see driving round the town centre for two hours a very productive use of my time. However that is all over, I passed and I'm finally free to go where I want, when I want. This makes life so much easier for me as living in the middle of nowhere being able to drive is pretty essential.

Anyway thats all I've got to say for now, well done if you've managed to make it to this point in my essay of a blog post and hopefully I'll upload a bit sooner next time!

Georgia x

Saturday 12 July 2014

Equestrian Tag | 5 Questions

I've wanted to do a tag like this for a while on YouTube but haven't got round to filming it so I thought I'd do a blog post instead. I'm sure there are similar tags around but here is my own version.

1. Do you own/loan a horse/s ?
Yes I own 3 horses and 2 ponies

2. How long have you been riding ?
I've been riding 17 years, my entire life. I first sat on my pony James at 5 days old and began actually riding in a basket saddle as soon as I could sit up on my own!

3. Do you compete & when was your first competition ?
I do but not as much as I would like to. I only do occasional local shows at the moment due to being so busy and  non of the horses are fit at the minute. I'm hoping to start show jumping again later this summer.

My first competition was a local show when I was 2 years old. Me and James entered three classes on the lead rein with my mum and got placed first in all three! James did kick the judge when he tried to put the sash on him though causing me to nearly fall off (naughty pony).

4. What's your favourite thing about riding ?
I love the connection between horse and rider. The complete dependence on the horse and the trust both horse and rider must have in each other. If I'm honest riding is like flying to me, its magical and is my escape from the real world.

5. What's your funniest horse moment ?
There are lots! But my personal favourite has to be when me and Taffy accidentally jumped over my trainer as she was putting the jump up! I'd already set towards it when she decided to make it higher and well there was no stopping Taffy so we merrily sailed over the top of her head! She wasn't too pleased!

hope you enjoyed, 
Georgia x

I'm Back With A New Channel

Long time, no see!
Well I've not exactly been brilliant at uploading blog posts recently but I'm hoping to make more of an effort with my blog especially as I have officially launched my new YouTube channel Georgia Ellie!

Here's my very first video:

I'm so excited to finally have started Georgia Ellie, I'd been toying with the idea for a while but was reluctant in case no one was interested but I knew it would be something I would enjoy filming, so even if only 10 people watch my videos I'll be happy :)

I'm hoping to start a filming and uploading schedule but want to see if I can stick to one prior to declaring what it will be! Oh and I will try to blog more as well !!!

That's all for now, 
Georgia x 

Thursday 24 April 2014

Easter Summary

I hope you all had a lovely Easter and ate far too much chocolate!
I must admit I've loved my two weeks off and have spent most of it with family and friends. I have also finally had chance to go shopping and buy a few bits and bobs. As you would have seen from my YouTube hauls.

But just in case you've missed them here is what I bought:

I also bought myself some new foundation, concealer and lip balm which I'm hoping to upload reviwes on soon. 
A lot of this week has been spent revising seen an my exams are less than a month away now!!!! :( 
But I have squeezed in plenty of time with the pets and horses so they don't feel abandoned. Hopefully I'll manage to get a few more blog posts up before I'm back at sixth form.
Georgia x 

Friday 18 April 2014

Review: Jazooli 15 concealer pallete

I mentioned this product in my haul a while ago, and I'm glad to say it hasn't disappointed. Now 15 concealers for £4.98 is a bargain any day and so my expectations for the quality weren't exactly high. Ok the packagings a bit cheap and not so cheerful and  I'd never heard of the brand Jazooli but actually the concealers are pretty good. They are quite pigmented and are easy to blend. I originally bought the palette to see if it was any good for contouring and I must admit it's made its way into my daily routine. I'd definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a cheap starter palette.

Overall I rate this product a 7/10, I wouldn't repurchase it as I think it's a brillant begineers palette and want to try some similar products.